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🔥🔥2020 Simulation 1: 6 Tiger Tank🔥🔥

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The R/C Tiger 1 Early Full Option in 1/16 scale is a radio control model tank kit. Just about every sound the real Tiger I made can be made on Tamiya's 1/16 scale Tiger I

NEW: Photo Etch Grilles Upgrade Set Now Available.

When the tank is switched on, either a manual crank start sound, or an automatic engine start sound is heard. After your engine is turned over, its time to move the tank around. As you accelerate, the engine thundering increases just like the real Tiger I. Stop the tank, and the sound of authentic idling begins. Once you have located your target, rotate the massive turret and listen to the grinding of gears of the real German war machine.

The more you control this Tamiya R/C tank, the more you will feel like the commander of the full size Tiger I.
Despite its large scale the model has been thoroughly and accurately reproduced.


Weighing in at almost 120 kg (260 lbs) and measuring a massive 1.63m (5′ 4″) in length (including the barrel) the King Tiger is Armortek’s biggest kit to date.

Excluding fasteners, the kit will contain approximately 1,800 parts and have approximately 280 unique parts.

  • New flange mounted ‘Armortek design’ gearbox.
  • Using Davall “Spiradrive” gear sets.
  • Grease lubricated for life
  • 90% efficient power transmission.
  • 30% longer battery life.
  • Increases battery charging from regeneration (Armortek speed control module only, not 4QD)

We have added a new recoil system that provides fast recoil and slow recovery, thereby providing a more realistic simulation effect.


Added a remote control function for the water tank. Including electronic equipment, motors and servos to achieve driving, 360° turret turning and main gun elevation. This allows the tank’s realism to rise sharply

In order to let users feel the real tank launching scene, we will add immersive sound to your tank. As the fuel tank accelerates, the pitch of the engine changes.

Their all-metal construction and true full-size design enable Tiger models to move and operate like full-size models. To make your vehicle come to life, we provide the following sports packages.

The most spectacular and dramatic of all the effects on a scale model tank, must be the firing of the main gun. The recoil option combines the sound of the gun, barrel recoil and muzzle flash to produce this most spectacular effect.


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